We wish to take this opportunity to introduce our company and its’ products and services to yourselves.

EVAPCO S.A. (PTY) Ltd is a subsidiary and licensee of EVAPCO INC. of Maryland, U.S.A. and was established in South Africa in 1982. EVAPCO INC. was established in 1976. Please refer to the insert giving a company profile of EVAPCO INC.

EVAPCO S.A., as a licensee company, has unlimited access to the engineering and research facilities of the Corporate Head Quarters at their plant in TANEYTOWN outside Baltimore, U.S.A.

EVAPCO S.A. was totally owned by EVAPCO INC. until mid 1992 when Messrs. John Stevens and Rutledge Boyes acquired share holding and were subsequently appointed to the Board of Directors. Mr Stevens and Boyes have approximately 63 years of combined experience in cooling and allied fields. Both John Stevens and Rutledge Boyes have relinquished their Shareholding and Directorships, they are still employed in a sales and advisory capacity. ANDRE VAN DER MERWE (25 years) and HARALD VACKIER (25 years) are the current appointed Executive Directors along with ALDA BELL – Financial Director.

EVAPCO S.A. offers the identical product range of evaporative cooling equipment as the other fourteen EVAPCO plants worldwide.

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